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Public Patent Documents Collection
The Public Patent Documents Collection (PPDC) is intended to provide access to patent information for the general public that is necessary for industrial property objects’ study and analysis in the process of their creation, legal protection and use. The PPDC came into operation in October 1999 and is located at the following address: 26, Lesia Ukrainka Blvd., Kyiv, 01133.
The PPDC consists of the patent documentation from 65 countries all over the world as well as from 4 international and regional organizations. It is represented on paper and electronic carriers. The bulk of the collection is comprised of patent offices' official bulletins, the most of them being in hard copies. Patent specifications of industrially developed countries are presented on CD-ROM & DVD-ROM with 10-20 or more years back file. The PPDC is also supplied with methodical, reference-information publications and periodicals.
The PPDC updated data about new publications are presented quarterly in the Ukrainian version of this web site.
The total PPDC on optical media as of May 31, 2018 contains more than 33 660 discs.
Since August 2015 the PPDC is functioning as a part of Ukrpatent Innovations Department and provides patent-information services to the general public.

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